The Transition, Initiated by Copernicus and Galileo, from Religion to Science: The Beckoning Bridge Many Find Difficult or Impossible to Cross

By Lawrence Wood

Book Summary

The Transition from Religion to Science, traces the development of life from the single cell 3.9 bya, through life’s tumultuous development to today’s burgeoning planet with emphasis on the time period 1543 CE to the 1600s CE when astute observers realized the religious explanations of our surroundings developed over thousands of years severely conflicted with a new explanation based upon what we now call science, involving some of the most ground breaking and controversial discoveries produced by some of most brilliant minds whoever graced planet Earth – Many find unacceptable which leads to the religious- science controversy.

Author Bio

Retiring from the scientific product development career, Lawrence Ward joined the AAA S becoming a science historian with particular interest in a question apparently not previously pursued: why were two diametrically opposite explanation of ourselves religion and science formulated. The unexpected and unique answer to this question resulted in this book’s preparation.

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