The ’Possum in the Pool by Joy Liebl

By Joy Liebl

Book Summary

A fun and educational book with attention grabbing illustrations for younger children and easy to read text for older ones. The book’s focus is on listening to parents and the consequences of not doing so. It also deals with a parent’s love and concern for their children.

Author Bio

Joy Liebl was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.  She spent 5 years living in Elmhurst, IL before settling in Winter Park and then Safety Harbor, FL.  Joy loves to crochet, do needlepoint & embroidery, sketch and work with dollhouse miniatures which she sells in her Etsy Shop “JoysHandmades” along with her crocheted pieces and varied vintage items.  She is an avid reader but enjoys “Fantasy” the most.  This is her first published book.  The story line is based on a true life experience of finding a small baby possum in her pool one morning and expanding her mind to create what she felt happened before and after the poor possum fell into the pool.  Joy designed every bit of the book herself as to how each page must be set up to maximize the story.  She was thrilled with D’Lynn Roll’s vision of how Robby would look and with each picture subsequently done.  Joy was equally thrilled with the wonderful reviews she received from “Pacific Book Reviews” and “US Book Reviews”

Book Availability

Available in: Paperback | Hardback | E-book
Page Count: 28
Trim Size: 8.5 x 8.5



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