The Last One JFK Returns

By Mary Carruthers

Book Summary

The story of The Last One: JFK Returns is about the return of President John F. Kennedy to earth on a mission to avenge his real killer – The Last One – the one who ordered the hit on the President of the United States on November 22, 1963. President Kennedy, disguised as Jack Cruikshank, new bestselling author of an historical book, is lauded by critics who think he is the best author par excellence in his field. Jack Cruikshank, along with a band of angels called Team F5, are scattered across the United States under different names and roles to find clues that will lead them to that Last One. Jack Cruikshank is lionized and pursued by the highly influential society types and becomes the lure for that One person. Finding his ultimate killer is his dearest wish, and his angelic Warriors (Helena, Adelred, Lohar, Loreto, Roswald and Atlas), headed by Michael under the name Team F5, go through supernatural feats to find that One person. This story is the first in a series of books about JFK’s return to earth.

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Page Count: 112
Trim Size: 6×9


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