By: David Brosbell

Book Summary

Stunned and grateful to have survived a ferocious battle against an impossible foe, the Games Master, four comrades and warriors contemplate what future awaits them. War is brewing in the lands, but it is not glorious. These are tense times for all who live in the path of conflict. The Silver Allegiance, the dominant ruling kingdom, has expanded as far north and west as it can. And a new, powerful consortium known as the Dark Realm has grown as far east and south as it can.

Caught between these two powerhouse kingdoms is a small strip of towns and villages, where terrified citizens await what comes next. As each side prepares for battle, the people caught in the middle do all they can to survive. Kruno and his men have no interest in being a part of the impending conflict, but how can they stay out of it?

Their adventures will take them to hostile lands, where they meet exceptional creatures. Can they survive their encounters with the sand sorceresses, gargoyles, cryptons, and the most feared beasts of all – dragons? Can they avoid the inevitable horrors of war?

Author Bio

David Brosbell was born and raised in Toronto Canada. Although he is a proud Canadian, he is passionate about his Scandinavian ancestry and enjoys weaving his personal research and history into his fiction. Known as the Viking to his friends and colleagues, he collects medieval weapons as a hobby. He is currently at work on the prequel and the sequel of his Games Master series.

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Page Count: 554
Trim Size: 6×9


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