Saving Peg Leg

By Michael Fitzpatrick

Book Summary

In the story Saving Peg Leg, Jane finds an injured turtle in her backyard. She wants to keep this turtle as a pet and nurse it back to good health. After taking the turtle to the vet and visiting the library, Jane learns lots of interesting facts about her new turtle friend. She learns that it’s best not to keep turtles in captivity. Jane struggles with doing the right thing in letting the turtle return to a natural habitat, knowing it is injured. Through help from her loving family members, many new and old friends, her love for animals, and her strong belief in her faith, Jane overcomes her worries for the well-being of the turtle she calls Peg Leg. She also realizes that God is sending her on a mission of strength, love, and determination for helping one of his creations live a normal life in a suitable habitat.

Author Bio

Saving Peg Leg is Michael’s first book he has published. Inspired by true events, Michael used many details provided by Jane, the main character, who is a neighbor and friend, in an interview in writing this story. Michael recently received a Master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University. There he learned and participated in research based learning. Research also contributed to the story’s plot. He plans to continue writing other stories in the future.
Michael is a first-grade teacher and loves teaching all subjects, especially writing, to his students. When his class writes and shares each day, it makes it the most rewarding part of the school day. Michael Also has written over shirty poems about a leprechaun who visits his classroom every year.
Michael grew up in a suburb of Boston, MA, where he still resides. In his spare time, Michael enjoys candlepin bowling, swimming, and baseball.

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