By: Jill Behar

Book Summary

This book is about a child who gets diagnosed with ADHD. Her parents decide to take her to the doctor, who gives her a diagnosis of ADHD. He then offers 3three ways to help this child. The parents decide to try them all, and they find that the best way for their daughter to live a better life is through therapy, which provides positive results. The book has been written to provide information for people who are struggling with this, as well as for people who are unaware of what this means

Author Bio

Jill Behar has been a special education teacher for 30thirty years. This is her second children’s book about special needs and how they impact families as well as children. It is also a helpful tool for people to be educated about this particular disorder and how it can be remedied. The author will be writing more books about special needs to be explained. She hopes this will be a helpful tool for anyone who is interested in learning about different disorders and how to deal with them.

Book Availability

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Page Count: 34
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11


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