By: Sally Frizzell

Book Summary

Have you ever thought about completely changing your life? Maybe circumstances have changed, or maybe you are bored with things the way they are. Whatever the reason, you feel the need for a change. But unlike Mr. and Mrs. Kettlepan, few of us have the chance to make big changes in our lives.

Author Sally Parker Frizzell’s The Amazing Adventures of the Kettlepans and Their Animal Friends is the story of a New York City couple who, tired of the hubbub of the city, remake their lives. They move to a farm in New Hampshire and soon discover the farmhouse isn’t exactly their dream home. With the farmhouse in need of major repairs inside and out, they live in an RV while work is being done. They find wild animals popping up and causing problems around the house. These aren’t ordinary animals though. They can talk and drive. But it’s not just the animals that take them by surprise. One day without warning, the former owners cause a scare when they show up as ghost while the Kettlepans are in the house. Another day, carpenters uncover a long-kept secret as they rip out walls.

The Amazing Adventures of the Kettlepans and Their Animal Friends takes you on a journey of mystery, excitement, and fun. This isn’t your ordinary farm!

Author Bio

Sally Parker Frizzell is a native and a long time resident of New Hampshire. She and her husband Leo have been married for thirty-one Dears. She has three stepchildren, and they have seven grandchildren and two cats. She loves to read, crochet and do community service in her spare time.

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