By: Cari Blair

Book Summary

The world today is full of fear and darkness. Its a place plagued with uncertainty and hardships where the battle of light versus dark is being fought. As the battle rages on, the earth has one final hope. Her name is Kate Manning. Kate is a small-town girl with an incredible gift. Kate teams up with Chloe and Addison, her two best friends, to accomplish a feat that will take incredible courage and faith.

Kate and her friends battle the darkness in this fictional story based on nonfictional abilities we all have inside of each and every one of us. Their ultimate goal is to remember who they are and to use the light within themselves to tip the earth back into light. The ultimate weapon is love, and the girls must band together to defeat the darkness that threatens to take over the world.

As the dark side continues to grow in strength and number, the girls must uncover their true strength and amplify the powers they sossess within themselves.

Author Bio

Cari Blair has her bachelor of science degree and has been self-employed most of her life. She found both the love of her life and her newest passion, her belief in spirituality three years ago when she went through a difficult personal experience. This challenging experience led her through events that changed her life. She transformed from being an atheist to a true believer in spirituality.
Cari currently lives in Central Alberta with her fiance and her two children. They live on a farm and have numerous animals and pets. Cari hopes this book helps to shed some light on the new world- a new world that is based on love.

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Page Count: 134
Trim Size: 6 x 9


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