From Earth to Umbria

By Patricia Howell

Book Summary

Scientists from every inhabited planet have predicted that the Earth’s sun would one day become a supernova and destroy everything within millions of miles. Jarod Dask is the leader of the planet Umbria, located twenty-five light-years from Earth. When the Umbrian scientists inform Jarod that this cataclysmic event will take place in the near future, he volunteers to develop a mission to rescue the doomed earthlings and bring them to Umbria to form a new mission to form a new civilization. How will this happen, and who will be involved in this mission? Will the earthling civilization survive? Will Jarod Dask achieve his destiny and be forever remembered for saving another race from total destruction? This is the story of From Earth to Umbria.

Author Bio

Patricia Howell lives in Louisville KY and works as an Administrative Assistant and a member of the Support Staff at Sullivan University’s Admissions Office, A former teacher. Ms Howell taught Science and Language Arts in Kentucky, Missouri, Texas and New Mexico. She loves to read, listen to music and watch movies. Her favorites include author JK Rowlings, singers Neal McCoy, Neil Diamond and actor James McAvoy. Even though she has written several stories, FROM EARTH TO UMBRIA is her first published book.

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Page Count: 156
Trim Size: 6×9


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