By: David Straw

Book Summary

Loveable Resident is a fictional story about a surgical resident, Mike Oates, who is on a trajectory to win the top position in surgery at a famous American hospital. He has everything?looks, money, a fast car, an adoring girlfriend?and yet, one day his world goes into deep decline when he commits a fatal error.

Mike Oates tries to get out of the horrible mess he has made of his life by conducting a passionate love affair with Lauren Moore, his beautiful childhood friend and daughter of his lawyer. He ditches his lover, Miss Wright, which in turn causes him to get entangled with a powerful and grasping mob boss. How Mike’s life gets turned back around and his love for Lauren remains unscathed is described in powerfully depicted characters and plot twists in this first novel by Mary Faderan.

Author Bio

David Straw was raised in Miami Lakes, Florida. David saw the world through his notebooks, writing scenes and stories through his imagination. After teaching in the
elementary classroom for 18 years, David decided to turn his hobby into a full time profession. He now lives in St Augustine, Florida with his family, where he is working on
new writing projects.

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Page Count: 406
Trim Size: 6×9


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