A Wolf Among The Sheep

By Aaron Meade

Book Summary

Suffering is a part of life, and its effects shape the type of people we become. For Sarah Martinez, the pain has just begun.

Its October in Grand, Oklahoma, and Sarah is all set to marry Eric, the man of her dreams. Then he is suddenly found dead, and shes told he has been the victim of a vicious animal attack. Disbelieving this explanation, Sarah decides to investigate on her own, determined to get justice for Ericor, if necessary, vengeance. As she does so, however, the bodies continue to pile up; someone is killing the good people of Grand, regularly, when the moon is full. Meanwhile, Sarah begins to realize that her pursuit of revenge is changing her. She waits for the next full moon, both seeking and fearing closure, wondering who the real monster is.

In this horror novel, a woman whose fiancee is killed in an apparent animal attack searches for answers regarding his death and discovers a dark secret.

Author Bio

Aaron Meade is twenty-nine years old, and lives in Shawnee, Oklahoma with his wife and daughter. He currently works as a food service professional, and has for most of his adult life.

Book Availability

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Page Count: 110
Trim Size: 6×9


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