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Ideopage Press puts the spotlight to your title by creating a book proposal unique to your needs rather than as part of a list and sends it to the major production companies and brands worldwide.

With over 10 years of experience in the literary industry, Ideopage Press provides home for authors and aspiring writers who want to be discovered. It takes a certain kind of relentlessness coupled with the right approach to get the attention of mainstream publishers.

Let us pitch your titles to the biggest game changers and decision makers that shape the book industry today!

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About Us

Ideopage Press started out as a service provider that helps aspiring writers and authors bring their stories into actual vivid manuscripts ready for publication. Writing a book is not all there is in the literary arena, with vast expertise and professional networks, we have collaborated with different publishing professionals to produce saleable and well-written manuscripts suitable for worldwide distribution. Steadily, the company evolved and magnified the business to reach more diverse types of authors, effectively endorsing their names and books to different traditional publishers, bookstores and big decision makers in the literary industry.

Fast forward to today, Ideopage is one of the foremost service providers that groom authors for commercial success. Consistently, Ideopage has exceeded author expectations and delivered exceptional work to its clients through the years. At present, it seeks to strengthen its long-standing relationship with its employees and clients and become an agency for novice writers who have been aiming to get a chance at spotlight in the industry.

As the company continues on its pursuit for excellence, the organization strives hard to maintain its reputation in the industry while producing talented writers and authors from different markets and endorse them to mainstream publishers. Backed by many years of in-depth familiarity and experience in the literary business, Ideopage Press continues to surpass author expectation for 10 years and it keeps growing and transcending boundaries in the service of the world’s most brilliant minds.

Our Services

Ideopage Press gears authors for success by providing solid marketing platforms that are timely, practical and audience-focused.

With a wide array of services that groom authors’ books for review to traditional publishers, we can assure you that your manuscript will get the maximum exposure it deserves.

Bookstore Endorsement

Expand your reach to bookstores across the United States through Ideopage Press’ Bookstore Endorsement Program. Despite the rise of self-published titles in the digital market, getting a self-published book into major brick and mortar bookstores continues to be a challenge. Literary content, sales potential, and returnability are just a few of the elements that bookstores will take into account before considering a self-published title.

A strong marketing platform, great PR skills, and a lot of tenacity have landed self-published titles onto store shelves of bookstores on a test basis but not every author has the time or contacts to accomplish this task. We have developed a platform that will endorse your books in bookstores. Remember that Universities and School libraries do not order books from the authors, they do not order books from the publishers – they order books from the bookstores. That is why it is imperative that your book should be physically displayed and stockpiled in bookstores which is the goal of our Bookstore Endorsement program. Our marketing efforts will create the demand and endorsing your book in bookstores will create the supply. It makes perfect business sense to penetrate bookstores and book distributors at this stage if you want to capture the attention of the library industry.

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Professional Reviews of Books

A professional book review is paramount to test credibility. It is a form of literary criticism in which a book is analysed based on content, style, and merit. A book review may be a primary source, opinion piece, summary review or a scholarly review. Whether you are a tenderfoot or a well-established author, you can get a professional and unbiased review from a well-known critic of books. Ideopage Press has partnered with the biggest names like the US Review of Books, Kirkus, Clarion and BlueInk to scrutinize every title we publish and make sure all our authors get all the constructive assistances they need to come up with powerful stories that make headlines.

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Motion Pictures

Has your wildest dreams ever come across the idea of adapting your book into a motion picture? If yes, then let us turn that into reality by creating you a coverage and present your manuscript to different traditional publishers, movie producers and directors. Give them a looksee into your story through the Motion Pictures so we can present your book in the most creative and striking way possible.


  • A methodical synopsis of the main characters and events that take place in your story; and.
  • A critical evaluation of key story points and the book’s feasibility should it bereworked into another medium like a video or an audiobook.

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Radio Guesting

Conquer the airwaves and let your voice be heard! Some traditional publishers would love to hear the author’s voice and decide business based on how they speak or talk. With the Radio Guesting, we can make this happen. Get Ideopage Press’ Radio Guesting service and be interviewed by veteran broadcaster Mr. Ric Bratton. Nationally recognized after 33 successful years on television and having worked with the likes of Larry King, Hugh Downs, Chris Matthews, Jay Leno, George Clooney, Katie Couric and many others. Ric now has two radio shows in national syndication. This Week in America with Ric Bratton is on over 100 stations, and growing. The weekly program features nationally-known guests and contemporary topics of interest.


  • 15 minute Radio Interview
  • Conversion of Interview to a sharable video
  • Video posting in YouTube, iTunes, Google Play and Podomatic

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Book Events

Where else is the perfect venue for book buying? It’s during book fairs and exhibitions! By bringing your book to book exhibits, it would augment your book’s coverage and would translate to more involved audiences, plus you get a bonus book signing opportunity. Most traditional publishers attend book events to look for vendible titles they can invest. These people are the real deal and they don’t go looking for just one good book, but they scout as many books as are available.

Participating in over 20 shows throughout the year including the Frankfurt International Book Fair in Germany and Book Expo America in New York City, Ideopage can provide options for authors looking to display their books without having to travel. Each book in display is numbered and has a corresponding listing in our catalog. Any attendee interested in ordering your books or contacting you will do so via the information you provide for the catalog during the registration process.

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Let’s Get You a Contract

This is the very core of our services. Getting you a contract from a traditional publisher is the primary goal of the company. Using our vast linkages of industry movers, we’ll send query letters and pitch your book individually rather than as part of
a list to get you that contract faster.

Other inclusions:

  • Book evaluation and phone interview
  • Email pitch and Press Release creation
  • Scouting for genre-specific bloggers and news media outlets
  • Press Release distribution to partners
  • Five thoughtful reviews
  • Radio Interview
  • Creation of a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest accounts and more.
  • Five editorial reviews
  • Automatic entry to Readers Favorite Book Awards and authors can select two extra categories
  • A minimum of two additional (2) interviews on podcasts, radio, TV, magazines or blogs.

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What our customers say

“It has been great. They get back to you ASAP and are very patient to explain things.”

D’Ann Swain
D’Ann SwainAutoimmune Saved Me - Author

“I am very impressed! Customer focused, professionally persistent and responsive.”

David Brosbell
David BrosbellThe Games Master - Author

“Mr. Reege has been cordial and effective.”

Grant Rodkey
Grant RodkeyOur Fated Century - Author

“I want to say, I appreciate everything IdeoPage team has done for me and will continue to do on my behalf in the coming year. Thank you for allowing me to express my gratitude for everything IdeoPage team led by Mr. Reege, has done and will continue to do in making my dream of a successful first book come true.”

Michael Fitzpatrick
Michael FitzpatrickSaving Peg Leg - Author

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